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Crown Molding and Trim Painting

Want the baseboards and crown moldings in your Brampton house painted? Want other trims painted? When it comes to crown molding & trim painting, Brampton homeowners can rely on our company. Whether you want some or all moldings painted, the best Brampton painters are at your service. Instead of taking chances with the way the job is carried out, choose Painter Brampton.  

Experts in crown molding painting and trim painting in Brampton

Crown Molding and Trim Painting Brampton

Now that we have established our company’s availability for crown molding and trim painting in Brampton, Ontario, let’s get into some specifics. Shall we?

For starters, we have experience with all types of trims and moldings. Nowadays, modern homes may only have crown moldings and baseboards. Older houses likely have picture and chair rails too. And then, which home doesn’t have door casings and window casings, right? These are the basic trims for home interiors. The point is that they can all be painted. The even better news is that they are perfectly painted despite the material – from wood and plaster to foam.  

If you want trims painted in your Brampton home, don’t think about it. Contact our company to book a free estimate appointment. Since not all trims are the same, in terms of material, type, and condition, we send pros to inspect and evaluate yours. You also get a consultation in regard to colors and finishes, based on your aesthetic expectations and the trims, and an estimate. Since this is a free no-obligation estimate & consultation appointment, why don’t you book it?

Excellent interior trim painting and preparation

As with all other painting jobs, the pros first prep trims. They address flaws, remove dirt, and sand as needed. Even if you have an intricate design, like dentil crown molding, be sure that the pros have the expertise to prep all profiles and all trims with absolute care and attention to detail. Also, they use paints and finishes suitable for the trim’s material to ensure the best results.

Trims often go hand in hand with other structures, like casings that go with doors or windows. Chair rails are paired with wainscotings. Baseboards are often matched with crowns and crown moldings often stand at the top of kitchen cabinets. And so, if you want the kitchen cabinetry refinished along with crown or the doors painted along with casings, let us know.

Let’s start by talking about trim colors, whether you want the same color for the crowns and baseboards, the cost of the service, and when it will be best to book it. It all starts with your phone call or message to our team. You tell us about your plans and book an appointment. Let us repeat that you can get a free quotation and consultation with no obligation. So, why wait? If you are considering painting trims, we are ready to serve. Brampton crown molding and trim painting experts are at your service.